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Sick Leave Policy

Sick leave is only granted in case of genuine illness or injury (off the job). An employee accrues Sick Leave after thirty (30) days of employment and the leave is paid at straight time.

Exempt Employees

Full-time employees are entitled to six (6) months per year. An eligible employee after six (6) months of continuous illness may apply for Long Term Disability.

Non-Exempt Employees

Non-exempt employees who are full-time (35 or 40 hours per week) earn eight (8) sick days per year. The accrual rate for non-exempt employees is 0.030770 hours per hour.

For non-exempt employees, unused sick leave may be carried over to the new year to a maximum of sixty (60) days accumulation. An employee without paid sick leave may apply for Short Term Disability insurance. An eligible employee after six (6) months of illness may apply for Long Term Disability insurance.

Part-time employees

Part-time employees are not eligible for paid sick leave. Part-time employees may be eligible for Short Term Disability.

Additional Information

Upon termination, if an employee has taken and been granted paid sick leave which the employee has not accrued, the unearned portion will be deducted from the final pay check.

An ill employee must notify his/her department head at least one (1) hour before the shift starts. Proof of illness may be required.

For additional information on Iona's Sick Leave Policy, consult your Employee Handbook.

For questions or suggestions, please contact Lesley Valente, x2049.