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Mode of Instruction

Traditional Courses

Iona College offers traditional in-person courses. Students must attend courses in-person at the designated times. Traditional courses may be enhanced via the use of Blackboard or other technologies.

Hybrid Courses

For Hybrid (HY, HYA, HYB) course sections, some class sessions are online and some class sessions are conducted on-site. Students who are based at one campus will need to travel to the other campus for on-site sessions that are scheduled by the instructor.

Distance Learning Courses

For Distance Learning (DL, DL1, DL2) course sections, no on-site classroom sessions are scheduled. These courses provide motivated students the opportunity to use Blackboard, an Internet-based course management system which uses discussion forums, e-mail, written assignments, quizzes and a virtual classroom for interacting with the instructor and other students. Students can access these courses anytime, anywhere with an internet-connected computer. Computer literacy is required.

Service Learning Courses

Service-learning is a credit bearing academic experience describing a unique and specialized course design strategy that combines (a.) an academic content area, (b.) fulfilling a community identified need through a reciprocal relationship, and (c.) intentional reflection strategies in order to enrich the learning experience, explore civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. At least 30% of the final course grade for every service-learning course will be informed by a community service project.