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In-Person Registration

All continuing degree-seeking students at Iona College register for classes and manage their schedules online using the  PeopleSoft self-service portal. PeopleSoft is also utilized for schedule adjustments during the Add/Drop period.

In-person registration may be utilized by the following student groups for all or some portion of the registration process:

New Freshmen:

New freshmen visit their Road Map and register online in PeopleSoft. Once a new freshman has registered online and finalized a schedule, an advisor will remove their online registration access before the first Iona term begins. All adjustments to a freshmen's schedule, including within the Add/Drop period, must then be reviewed and approved by the advisor and submitted to the Registrar's Office in McSpedon Hall, Rm. 201 on a signed Program Card and Registration Form.

New Transfers:

New transfer students use their Road Map and follow the steps. Transfers have an advisement hold placed on their record so they must schedule a meeting with the Center for Academic Advising for course selection. At the conclusion of the advisement visit, the student receives an approved Program Card and the advisement hold is removed. The new student then registers online in PeopleSoft.

NOTE: Some courses on a new transfer’s Program Card cannot be added online and require manual registration by the Registrar’s Office. PeopleSoft will provide messages informing you of this. If this occurs, please follow these steps:

  • Bring your Program Card to the Enrollment Center in McSpedon Hall, Rm. 201. You will be asked to fill out a Registration Form for the course(s) and they will be added to your schedule by a staff member.
  • If you are registering remotely, email a scanned image or clear photo of your Program Card and a signed Registration Form to The courses will be added to your schedule.

Visiting Non-degree Students for Summer and Winter Sessions:

Visit the Special Sessions web pages for information and instructions for registration/payment using our online ecommerce portal.

Visiting Non-degree Students for Fall, Winter Trimester and Spring Semesters:

Visit the Fall and Spring Terms / Trimesters web page for information and instructions for registration and payment.

LIRIC Students:

Mail-in and in-person registration is coordinated through your dedicated LIRIC coordinator. Please visit the LIRIC website for more information.

Pre-College and High School Programs:

Contact the Iona Admissions Office or your program's coordinator for instructions and registration procedures.