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Online Registration

Use Iona’s PeopleSoft Web Access to log in or type in the address line on the web.

To participate in online registration you must:

  • Know your PeopleSoft ID and password. If you need assistance logging into PeopleSoft, please contact the Help Desk at (914) 633-2635.
  • Check PeopleSoft for your online appointment. This date is the earliest day you can register. View online registration schedule.
  • Check to see if you have any holds that block registration (i.e. dean's, advisement, health, student account, financial aid etc.). If you have one of these holds you must work with the appropriate office to have it removed.
  • If you have an advisement hold you must see your advisor prior to your appointment and have the advisement hold lifted from your account. You cannot register unless this hold is removed from your account.

First time using online registration?

If you are not familiar with the online registration steps, read the detailed registration instructions.