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Housing Contract Requirement

By completing the Residence Hall Agreement, (the “Agreement”) the student recognizes that they are making a contractual commitment to Iona University housing for two academic years.

First-year students living within 25 miles of the Iona campus who commute from a parent or guardian’s home DO NOT need to apply for exemption from this housing contract requirement.

The Two-Year Housing Contract states that all full-time undergraduate students will reside in University housing during their first and second years at Iona.

Students with circumstances matching the following criteria may be EXEMPT from the housing requirement:

  • Students living within 25 miles of the Iona campus who will commute from a parent or guardian’s residence (proof of residency with a parent or guardian may be required);
  • Married students;
  • Students with dependents;
  • Students who have been declared as independent;
  • Veterans of the military;
  • Transfer students;
  • Students with documented medical conditions that require housing accommodations Iona is not able to provide; and
  • Students participating in Iona-sponsored study abroad programs.

Other incoming first-year students wishing to apply for exemption must email by May 31 with the specifics of this request for consideration by a committee made up of representatives of Enrollment Management and Student Life. Students accepted after May 31 must email within 10 business days of acceptance for consideration.

Rising second-year students wishing to apply for exemption must submit the Housing Withdrawal Form on the StarRez Housing Portal by March 1 to appeal for the upcoming fall semester. All students who are exempt from this housing contract requirement will be contacted by Off-Campus and Commuter Services for ongoing outreach and support.

Full-time first- and second-year students who do not reside on campus and are not exempt from the housing contract requirement will be responsible for the established room and board costs. Returning students who fail to select housing as part of the room selection process will be assigned a space after the room selection process is complete.

The Office of Residential Life houses students who complete and sign all forms and qualify for housing based on admission qualifications and as space permits. Only full-time students enrolled at Iona University may occupy a room in a residence hall. Other students may be eligible if space is available and at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life or a designee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a first-time freshman entering in the spring semester. Do I have to live on campus for two years?
    You are required to live on campus for three semesters (excluding special sessions) unless you meet one of the criteria listed above. However, you are welcome to remain in University housing for all four years.
  • I am a transfer student. Do I have to live on campus for two years?
    No, transfer students are not required to live in on-campus housing for two years. However, you are welcome to live and remain in University housing until you graduate.
  • I am an incoming freshman who lives within 25 miles of Iona’s campus. Can I live on campus my freshman year and move home for my sophomore year?
    Yes. Please contact for more information.

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