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Office of Residential Life Guest Policy

All guests must comply with all Residential Life and Iona College rules and regulations. The resident host is responsible for the actions of his/her guest(s) and will also be held accountable for any damages or inappropriate behavior while the guest is in the residence hall or on the campus.

Guest Hours

Guest hours are from 8:00 am - 2:00 am seven days a week. Residential students may only host a maximum of two (2) guests, day or night.
Roommates should always confer about all visitors and guests (especially overnight guests) in advance of a visit and agree that a visitor or guest is not an imposition.
Overnight guests must be registered and have an overnight guest pass on file at the respective residence hall front desk before 10:00pm on the date of visit. Overnight guest passes can be obtained from the front desk of each residence hall and must be completed with the guest name(s) and all roommate signatures (if applicable) No exceptions will be made and no overnight guest passes will be accepted after 10:00pm.
All residential students are permitted overnight guests Monday through Sunday but may only host two overnight guests for no more than three nights in a seven-day period.

As such, a guest may not stay overnight in the Eastchester Apartments for more than three nights within a seven day period. While providing for this interaction, the policy is also sensitive to every resident’s need for a level of privacy in a community environment, the balancing of rights among resident students, and the need for safety and security.
All Students Please Note: Overnight guest visitation is not permitted during periods where the College is closed for breaks or holidays. Overnight guest passes will not be issued. 

Guest Registration & Identification Requirements

Iona College Residential Students
All Residents must show their Iona College ID card upon entering the building. All residents must make sure they have the proper semester resident sticker on their card. If not, they must see the RHD of their building to obtain a resident sticker.
Any Iona resident living in Loftus, Conese, East, South, Rice Halls, the Apartments, an On Campus House or in Montgomery House can enter any residence hall during regular guest hours (8:00 am - 2:00 am) without needing a host. However, the front desk attendant still needs to record the room number and name of the resident being visited.
A photo ID must be left at the front desk upon entering the building and can be retrieved upon exit.
Residential students wishing to stay overnight in another residence hall that is not their own must be registered as an overnight guest, with a host, before 10:00pm.
Non Residential Students & Non-Iona Affiliated Guests
The resident and guest(s) must each register at the front desk. The guest must submit a valid photo ID. Only photo IDs will be accepted and all ID cards will be held at the front desk until the guest(s) departs. Passports will not be accepted at the front desk.
Parents of residents do not need to leave a photo ID but do need to show their ID upon entrance into a residence hall.
The resident host must also escort his/her guest to the desk to retrieve the ID.
Residents are responsible for their signed-in guest(s) and must be with their guest(s) when entering and exiting the residence hall. Guests need to be escorted throughout the hall at all times and any damages or policy violations caused by guests will remain the responsibility of
the resident.
If a guest arrives without a resident host, he/she must use the lobby campus phone to call the resident. The resident must report to the lobby to identify and escort his/her guest. If the resident cannot be reached, the guest will NOT be permitted to enter the residence hall.

Under 18 Day & Overnight Guests

Daytime guests under 12-years-of-age and overnight guests under 18-years-of-age require authorization of the guests’ parent(s)/guardian(s).
The Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Under 18 Guest Visitation must be completed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the front desk upon entrance to the residence hall.
Please click on the link above to retrieve and print the form.
Guest(s) under 18 –years-of age- will not be admitted into any Iona College residence without the official Office of Residential Life  parent/guardian consent form.
Please have this form printed and complete upon submission.
Anyone requesting to have an overnight guest under the age of 16 must request and receive advance permission from the RHD of their building.