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Get "hands-on" experience in a particular field or industry

An internship is a pre-professional short-term work experience that gives you "hands-on" experience in a particular field or industry. There are many advantages in completing one or more internships prior to graduation.

Benefits of an Internship

  • Allows you to "test drive" a particular career path and clarify goals.
  • When pursuing professional employment you will have developed skills and knowledge, which are marketable to employers.
  • Internships can result in full-time job offers. You will gain potential networking contacts as well as professional references.
  • Your course work makes more sense when related to hands-on work.

Types of Internships

  • Credit Internships are available to qualified students of both the School of Arts & Science and the School of Business. Arrangements for internships should be made through department chairs and department internship coordinators. Internships are available in the United States and abroad. Some employers will offer a stipend to offset expenses incurred such as travel and lunch.
  • Paid Internships are essentially part-time jobs that offer you pre-professional experience. You and the employer determine the time frame of the internship. You decide if the internship offers the kind of pre-professional work environment you are seeking. Some employers offer credit to students in addition to a salary.

Steps to Attaining an Internship

  1. Prepare for the internship by visiting the Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development as well as the academic department where you will be receiving credit, if applicable
  2. Market yourself by preparing a great resume and cover letter, and developing interviewing skills through practice and a mock interview (available through the Center for Career Development). Send thank you notes reiterating your interest to employers after an interview.
  3. Determine which internship offers the best opportunity for you. The Center for Career Development staff can help you with this decision.

Accessing Internship postings

  • Complete your profile on Handshake, a free career management system that gives you access to internship and job opportunities posted specifically for Iona College students. Use networking contacts, LinkedIn, and the Internet to conduct a complete search for your ideal internship experience. Many organizations have information on their internship programs on their webpage.

Summer Jobs

  • Summer jobs can also provide you with skills and experiences that increase your marketability. They can be similar to paid internships and offer another avenue to acquire experience in a particular work environment.