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Scholarships & Grants

  • After enrolling, if I earn excellent grades will my scholarship increase?

    At present, Iona College does not have a program that increases or initiates new or additional awards to students after a period of enrollment on the basis of performance.  Students awarded merit funds are expected to succeed in the program and as such we generally renew merit awards routinely for future periods of enrollment.
  • Am I eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship?

    The Excelsior Scholarship program provides funds to New York State residents who attend the State University of New York and City University of New York systems, so Iona College students are not eligible. Iona participates in the Enhanced Tuition Award (ETA) program, which is the private school version of Excelsior Scholarships.

  • Can I appeal my merit scholarship with newer grades/scores?

    Adjustments to the Grade Point Average prior to an offer of admission might influence the merit award. No increases to merit awards are made after an applicant is admitted.
  • I live out of state – what grants am I eligible for?

  • What are Pell and SEOG - what do they signify and how do they work at Iona?

    Pell and Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) are federal grant programs which are awarded to needy students. Pell Grants are awarded automatically to eligible students. SEOG funding is limited and is awarded on a case-by-case basis.

  • If a student receives an endowed scholarship, is that award in addition to the student’s other awards?

    In general, Iona’s endowed scholarships support our overall aid program and are part of recipients’ aid packages and are not additional funds.
  • Is a free ride possible?

    Other than for certain athletes, Iona does not offer full tuition & fee and room & board packages.
  • Could I lose my scholarship? How do I get it back?

    To receive and retain any College funded financial aid, recipients must be matriculated, full-time day students, must maintain satisfactory academic progress and complete the FAFSA by the required deadline. Learn about those requirements, probation and the scholarship appeal process here.  Your merit scholarship and financial aid award letters provide specific renewal criteria for your scholarship(s) and grants. 
  • What effects do external or internal scholarships have on reducing institutional aid?

    Many financial aid awards are designated to only cover tuition costs and cannot be used to cover other items such as fees, room and board, books, etc. Examples of such awards are need-based TAP grants from the state of New York, Iona need-based grants, College Scholarships, tuition remission and some scholarships from outside organizations. If you receive multiple forms of financial aid which can only be applied to tuition and the combined total of these awards exceeds the tuition charges, your awards will be reduced. In this case Iona scholarships and need-based grants will be the first forms of aid to be reduced.