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Tuition, Bills & Paying

  • How much is tuition?

  • What financing options are available to my family to meet our family responsibility?

    In addition to family savings that you have earmarked for this educational investment, students and parents may apply for various loans or financing options such as our interest-free Monthly Payment Plan, PLUS and private educational loans. Home equity loans or lines of credit may also provide an advantageous source of funding. Parents need to consult with their employers, unions, fraternal lodges and religious organizations to inquire if their sons or daughters are eligible for a private scholarship. Use our links to other useful sites for access to additional, reputable, free private scholarship search engines.
  • Where and how can I pay my deposit?

    You can pay your non-refundable tuition and housing deposits online at You can also remit payment to Iona College, Student Financial Services, 715 North Avenue, new Rochelle, NY 10801.  

  • How do payment plans work and is it different then a loan from the bank?

    For a nominal enrollment fee, you have the option to spread your tuition and on-campus living charges (less aid) over the semester or trimester, interest-free, by enrolling in an Iona College payment plan.  Enrollment is required for each term. The Payment Plan is not a loan and no credit check is required. We offer an easy online enrollment process with interest-free equal monthly payments automatically debited from your bank account or credit card/debit card.

    Payments are processed on the 5th or 20th of each month and will continue until the end of the term, when the balance will be paid in full. Please be aware that your plan may increase or decrease if there is a change in your financial aid.

    For enrollment instructions please click on one of the following links:

  • Can I pay a partial deposit?

    No. The On-campus Resident deposit of $800 or Commuter deposit of $400 must be paid in a single transaction.
  • Can I have an extension to pay my deposit?

    No. The National Deposit Day is May 1.
  • Can my deposit be waived?

    No.  Students must make a deposit to be eligible to enroll.
  • I have been awarded work-study as part of my financial aid package. How do I obtain a job?

    Students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study will be able to apply for a job in early September. Read More »
  • Do I have to work if I am awarded work-study as part of my financial aid package?

    No. Federal Work-Study is an opportunity for you to earn money to pay for ongoing expenses throughout the year and also to gain work experience. You may choose not to accept the Federal Work-Study offer, especially if you already have a part-time job.
  • When is my tuition payment due?

    The standard Payment Due Dates are as follows:
    Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
    Term Payment Due Date For graduate students, payment is due on the first day of the session or term of enrollment.
    Fall Semester 1st week in August 
    Spring Semester 1st week in January
    Summer Sessions At Time of Registration
    Winter Intersession At Time of Registration

    For additional financing options, consider our interest-free Monthly Payment Plan and private educational loans.
  • Where can I get information on housing facilities and regulations?