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Biology Club

The Biology Club aspires to create a unique community of students with a wide range of interests in the sciences. It strives to promote interaction and collaboration among students and professors and to provide information about possible career opportunities and current developments in science.

The club also advocates students' participation in scientific research. Integral to the Biology Club is the promotion of students' professional and social growth. To that end, the club provides multiple venues for active involvement in science programs as well as on the greater Iona campus and in the surrounding community.

Members are encouraged to organize and take part in charity fundraising events, service experiences, professional guest speaker talks, social events, and much more. By motivating its members to engage in these various forms of student life, the Biology Club succeeds in providing a fun and educational environment in which students can actively participate.


Biweekly on Tuesdays during activity hour (noon - 1 p.m.). Meetings are open to the Iona student community.

Executive Board



  • Tie-Dye T-shirt
  • Fall Foliage
  • Sports Medicine and the Life of an Athletic Trainer
  • House Night
  • Beakers and Bamboo