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Criminal Justice Club

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the Iona College Criminal Justice Club is to provide useful information and experiences regarding the various component parts of the growing criminal justice field: law enforcement, courts and corrections. The Criminal Justice Club would like to broaden the students understanding and familiarity by sponsoring field trips to criminal justice facilities such as: prisons, courts and law enforcement programs. The Criminal Justice Club will also sponsor several guest speakers throughout the year and organizes an annual mentor dinner.


Meetings will take place for club members on every other Thursday during activity hour.


Contact the Office of Student Development for more information at


The Criminal Justice Club takes part in moving the world with its participation in various events. These events include hosting guest speakers from their respected fields. This allows club members to have an insight on future careers they may embark on. Along with our guest speakers, the club takes part in many community service inspired events such as the Day of Service. Lastly, the club hosts a mentor dinner with alum as well as other career professionals from many parts of the Criminal Justice field.

Social Media

Facebook: Iona College Criminal Justice Club