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Motor Vehicle Policy

Section: Safety, Health & Environmental Services
Responsible Offices: Office of Human Resources & Campus Safety
Effective Date: 08/14/2015
Revised 01/16/2024


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements applicable to all drivers who drive as a requirement of employment or authorized student activity. This policy pertains to Iona University Vehicles (defined below) and employee-owned vehicles being used while conducting official and approved University business. Iona University reserves the right to deny or revoke the driving privilege of any Authorized Driver (defined below) in the event that the Authorized Driver does not meet the requirements of this policy. All Authorized Drivers have a responsibility to their passengers, the University, and to the general public with whom they share the roads.


The University intends to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students, employees, and visitors. This policy is intended to safeguard people, protect equipment, and reduce the frequency and severity of accidents both on and off campus involving vehicles used while conducting University business. Iona University Vehicles must only be used for official University business and use for personal purposes is not permitted.


  • MVR: Motor Vehicle Record – Any motor vehicle driving record, including violations.
  • Iona University Vehicles: Vehicles owned, leased or rented by Iona University by which persons or property may be transported. These include specially equipped vehicles that may not be licensed for road use such as golf carts, forklifts, grounds equipment and other like vehicles.
  • Authorized Driver: Based on the duties, as verified and approved by the Department of Human Resources, any employee (includes all employees, whether staff, administrators, faculty or student-employees) who is required and authorized to operate an Iona University Vehicle to conduct the business of the University.


All Authorized Drivers must comply with the following:

  • Submit a completed MVR consent form to Human Resources authorizing the University to check the Authorized Driver’s MVR.
  • Have a valid, current United States driver’s license for the class of Iona University Vehicle that the individual drives or seeks to drive.
  • Maintain a driving record that meets the insurability standards as set forth by the University’s insurance carrier.
  • Observe all applicable federal, state, and local motor vehicle laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • Wear a seat belt at all times and ensure that all passengers wear their seat belts as well.
  • Report all incidents promptly to Campus Safety once it is safe to do so.
  • Immediately notify their supervisor or manager in writing if the Authorized Driver’s driver license is suspended, revoked, or has any limitations or restrictions. The supervisor should notify Human Resources in these instances immediately by email at
  • Promptly submit legible copies of any tickets or other citations received while operating an Iona University Vehicle while conducting University business to the director of Campus Safety. A determination will be made as to the related liability for the payment of fines.
  • Complete any Driver Safety Training courses required by the University.

Policy for Authorized Drivers

Iona University will continuously monitor the Motor Vehicle Record of each Authorized Driver. If an existing employee’s role changes to include driving a vehicle for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of the University, the Department of Human Resources will require completion of a MVR consent form, completion of online driving safety course(s) required by the University and will continuously monitor that employee’s driving record until the employee’s role changes or the employee leaves the institution.

Any employee or Authorized Driver without a valid driver’s license will not be allowed to operate an Iona Vehicle on behalf of the University. If driving is an essential job function, and the Authorized Driver has received an unacceptable MVR which results in revocation of driving privileges and reassignment to a non-driving position cannot be reasonably accommodated, the Authorized Driver may be disciplined, up to and including separation from service.

All Authorized Drivers are prohibited from engaging in the following:

  • Knowingly operating an unsafe vehicle.
  • Allowing a spouse, family member, or any other person to drive an Iona University Vehicle unless that person is an employee who has submitted an MVR consent form and has been authorized to drive an Iona University Vehicle. Otherwise, a spouse or other family member is not eligible or permitted to drive an Iona University Vehicle.
  • Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs or any substance that may cause impairment while operating an Iona University Vehicle.
  • Offering rides to unauthorized passengers.
  • Driving Iona University Vehicles for personal use.
  • Using handheld cell phones or other mobile devices while driving. These devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, computers, handheld radios, and any other similar device. Authorized Drivers are prohibited from using a hand-held electronic device while operating an Iona University Vehicle while conducting business on behalf of the University, except when making an emergency voice call to Iona Campus Safety or 911 for situations such as traffic accident, fire, medical emergency, severe road hazard, etc. In such cases, Authorized Drivers should attempt to pull off the road prior to initiating the call. If it is not possible to stop, the conversation should be as short as necessary to communicate the nature of the emergency.

If a traffic incident occurs while an Authorized Driver is driving their personal vehicle and while conducting business on behalf of Iona University, any insurance claims must first be presented to the Authorized Driver’s insurance carrier.

Any employee who violates any part of this policy, or who becomes uninsurable as a driver, will be subject to reassignment and/or disciplinary action, up to and possibly including termination from employment.