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Tuition Remission

Section: Benefits & Wellness
Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources
Effective Date: 09/03/2015
Revised Date: 07/01/2023

Certification of Tuition Remission Form

Iona University provides tuition remission to assist employees and their eligible dependents in meeting their educational goals. The following are the tuition remission guidelines that are intended to help employees understand their tuition remission benefits:

  • Tuition Remission only covers tuition at Iona University. All other charges including program fees, room and board, late fees, collection fees, or books are not covered as part of the tuition remission benefit.
  • Your Tuition Remission will not be applied to your student account until your fees are paid. Fees are due at the time of registration.  
  • A full-time employee and their spouse are eligible for tuition remission benefits upon successful completion of the employee’s introductory 90-day period. Dependent children are eligible for tuition remission benefits the semester after the full-time employee achieves one year of service.
  • It is to be understood that admission and dismissal policies of the University apply equally to all students including those who receive tuition remission.
  • Eligible employees must submit a completed Tuition Remission form every term to Human Resources for processing.  
  • Attendance in classes is not allowed during scheduled work hours including one’s lunch period.
  • Tuition Remission may not be combined with other University scholarships.

I. Tuition Remission Dependent

The dependent children of active full-time employees are eligible to receive tuition remission benefits. This is exclusive of program fees, room and board, late fees, collection and book fees. The table below indicates the percentage Iona University will cover per dependent based upon the full-time employee’s continuous employment.

Continuous full-time employment refers to working without a break in service.

Per IRS regulations, a dependent is defined as "a qualifying child of the taxpayer."

Continuous Full-Time Employment Dependent % Covered
1 Year All dependent children 50% coverage starting with the semester after full-time employee reaches 1 year of service
2 years All dependent children 100% coverage starting with the semester after full-time employee reaches 2 years of service

Dependents of full-time employees are not eligible for graduate tuition remission.

The tuition remission benefit extends over eight (8) semesters for dependent children. The length of time for transfer students will be determined by the number of credits required to complete the undergraduate program. Full-time student dependents of full-time employees who meet eligibility criteria will also be permitted to take a maximum of six (6) courses in special sessions over the same eight (8) semester period. These time limitations do not apply to part-time or evening students.

Tuition remission benefits will continue as long as the employee continues to be employed full-time by the University and the dependent student meets the eligibility criteria.

Full tuition remission is granted to the children of those full-time employees who had two (2) years of full-time service or more, and who die while in active employment or become long term disabled while in the employment of the University. Please note the student must be enrolled at the University before the employee’s death or disablement. Students who fall under this consideration can complete their current degree. Anything after would be at the expense of the student.
Retired employees and their dependents are not eligible for tuition remission.

To be eligible for Tuition Remission for undergraduate courses, an employee must file an official Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) for themselves and/or their dependent. The tuition remission benefits at the University will be valued at that amount of tuition costs, which remain after a TAP and/or Pell award are credited.

The FAFSA and the expressed TAP application (TAP) must be filed annually in advance of registration. Please note, the FAFSA form must be filed no later than April 15th of each year. To file the FAFSA, go to using the Iona University school Code (002737).  For further assistance, please use the links below. The determination of the amount of tuition remission will be made only after the eligibility for applicable federal and state aid has been determined.

Employees and spouses who are enrolling in a Graduate program do not have to complete the FASFA forms.

II. Tuition Remission Employees

Full-time employees may pursue credit-bearing courses on the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University with full tuition remission. This is exclusive of program fees, room and board, late fees, collection and book fees, provided that classes are taken in hours outside of the employee's scheduled work time. Employees are eligible to apply for tuition remission after three (3) months of continuous, full-time employment (introductory period). Employees are limited to taking no more than two (2) courses per trimester/semester respectively.

Spouse of Regular Full-Time Employees

For a spouse to be eligible for Tuition Remission, the employee must complete their introductory period (first 90 days of employment). Iona University will cover one hundred percent (100%) tuition for a spouse seeking an undergraduate degree. Iona University will cover thirty-three percent (33%) of tuition for a spouse seeking a graduate degree.

Spouses of regular full-time employees may pursue credit bearing courses.  Spouses who are enrolling as an undergraduate are required to have a FASFA application on file. Spouses who are enrolling as a graduate student are not required to submit a  FAFSA application. Tuition Remission is given to those who are attending classes for credit at Iona University and covers only the cost of tuition. All other charges including program fees late fees and collection fees, and books, are not covered.

Individuals who are eligible for the "Archdiocesan" scholarship and/or Iona Merit Scholarships are only eligible to receive the Tuition Remission benefit. Individuals who are eligible for Tuition Remission from their employer are not eligible for Iona University Tuition Remission. 


Graduate-level tuition remission is subject to income tax withholding. Employees enrolled in graduate courses will be exempt from income tax withholding for the first $5,250 of the graduate tuition remission benefit per calendar year. The value of the tuition in excess of $5,250 in one calendar year is accounted for as a taxable benefit to the employee. Please see this IRS link for further detail.

Certification of Tuition Remission Form

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