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Seminars For Success

Romita Auditorium,
Ryan Library
3:30-4:30 p.m.

Gain Control Of Your “Free” Time

Monday, September 10

Thursday, September 13

This seminar will discuss effective note taking techniques and strategies as well as methods on how to utilize your time more efficiently. This includes tips on how to prioritize your academics and recreational activities through the use of organizational skills and calendar management.

Know How To Complete Your Degree & Succeed

Thursday, October 4

Tuesday, October 9 (MOnday Schedule)

In this seminar, you will learn how to calculate your GPA and discuss its meaning. You will also receive an overview of the services offered by the Center for Advising and learn how to complete a variety of academic actions including: course withdrawal, program change and declaring a major.

Take a Deep Breath

Monday, October 22

Thursday, October 25

You will learn techniques to manage stress, including taking care of yourself – body and mind.

Where the Money Goes, the Energy Flows

Monday, November 5

Thursday, November 8

A member of the Student Financial Services office will speak to you regarding concerns pertaining to scholarship & financial aid. In addition, you will learn methods for managing your budget.

Crossing the Finish Line in First Place

Monday, November 26

Thursday, November 29

In this seminar, you will learn study strategies for final exam week, including prioritizing your time, creating a study schedule and test taking tips.