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Forensic Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems (Certificate)

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Why Forensic Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems?

Solving crimes takes special skills. Processing evidence, analyzing human behavior, and understanding the laws – all elements that are key to a successful criminal investigation.

Why Study Forensic Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems at Iona?

You will be taught by outstanding faculty members who are actively engaged and sought-after experts in the field. You will work alongside them in hands-on research and be connected to their network of industry professionals who can help you in your career.

If you decided to further your education, you can apply your credits from this certificate to our full MS in Criminal Justice.

What You'll Learn

This 12-credit certificate covers areas of victimology, profiling violent crimes, deviant behavior, forensic health issues, the law and other areas.

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Program Highlights

Valuable Networking

You will join our network of more than 50,000 alumni who are eager to help fellow Gaels with mentorship and networking opportunities. Graduates from our criminal justice program work in a wide variety of law enforcement fields and can provide coveted connections!

Faculty Experts

Our faculty are experienced professionals and sought-after experts on criminal justice topics. Agencies such as the NYPD seek the expertise of our faculty, and many have appeared on the news as expert sources. You will be working with some of the best!

Master Criminal Studies

This 12-credit certificate provides the opportunity to apply credits toward our full MS in Criminal Justice. Our MS degree expands your studies and offers opportunity to select a topic of special interest in the criminal justice sector and explore it deeply in an independent research course.

Careers & Outcomes

Our world is impacted by individuals willing to seek the truth, advance justice and keep our society safe. When crimes occur our society looks to criminal justice leaders for the answers. This certificate will prepare you to answer that call.

Job Titles

  • Criminal Analyst
  • Criminal Defense Investigator
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Investigation Specialist
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Community-based Corrections
  • Victims Assistance Services