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Thomas Moretti, Ph.D.

Dr. Moretti began teaching at Iona College in 2012. He specializes in early modern English literature, and his current research concerns the ties between religious conflict and gender performance in early modern English drama. His article, “Misthinking the King: The Theatrics of Christian Rule in Henry VI, Part 3,” received the Joseph M. Schwartz Memorial Essay Prize in 2010 from the journal Renascence. His latest work, “Tragic Mediation in The White Devil,” is slotted for publication in Jonathan Baldo and Isabel Karremann’s collection of essays, Forms of Faith: Literary Form and Religious Conflict in Early Modern England (Manchester University Press). He has also presented his ongoing work on As You Like It, King Lear, and other Elizabethan and Jacobean dramas at conferences held by such organizations as the Shakespeare Association of America and the Renaissance Society of America.

Dr. Moretti bases his pedagogical approach on central tenets of the humanities: open inquiry, intellectual stimulation, personal development, tolerance, and community.  He teaches composition, literature surveys, Shakespeare and early modern English literature. In each course, he offers his expertise in literary analysis, historiography, rhetoric and composition. His goal is to give students the opportunity to marvel at the social, cultural and psychological discoveries that literature affords them. He hopes to teach students that they must continue their education outside and after the classroom for their personal growth and for the power of their citizenship in an increasingly complex global society.