Andrew Visconti ’17, ’18MST

"After meeting the faculty and staff and learning about the exceptional chemistry and education programs offered, my college decision was a no-brainer."

Major: Chemistry/Adolescence Education (BS/MST) Five-year Program
Hometown: Eastchester, N.Y.
High School: Eastchester High School

Clubs and Activities:

  • Pi Lambda Theta Education Honors Society
  • Golden Key International Honors Society
  • Iona College Chemical Society
  • Tutoring:
    • Samuel Rudin Center; Iona College Success After School Tutoring and Enrichment Program; Liberty Partnership
    • Iona College Success After School Tutoring and Enrichment Program
    • Liberty Partnership Program
  • Teacher with the Iona College STEP program

Why did you choose Iona and why did you choose your major?
Ever since my early teenage years, I had a calling to share my love for learning with the next generations. I’ve always been passionate about inspiring others and gratified when making a positive impact in others’ lives. So, I knew my future would be dedicated to teaching. This, coupled with my deep fascination and inquisitive nature toward chemical interactions, innovation and the vast applications of science is what landed me at Iona College. My journey at Iona College began when I first stepped foot on the campus in my senior year of high school for a college tour. I was immediately welcomed by very friendly and knowledgeable students at Iona. The tour was very comprehensive, and the guides were extremely patient in answering all the questions that I had about the Iona College experience. After meeting the faculty and staff and learning about the exceptional chemistry and education programs offered, my college decision was a no-brainer.

After receiving my acceptance letter and committing to Iona, I met with Dr. Sunghee Lee and discussed my future educational and career goals. From that point on, I was immersed, wholeheartedly, into a program that would change my life forever, the Chemistry/Adolescence Education (BS/MST) Five-Year program.

Did you participate in any research, internships or student teaching? Tell us about that experience.
As a student at Iona College, I worked alongside my diligent classmates who shared the same passion as me, while being supported and mentored by an all-star faculty of experts. The program allowed me to enhance my skills as a scientist and educator through a variety of hands-on experiences, research and field work. I was able to overcome a variety of challenges and I gained a deep understanding of the impact that chemistry and education have upon all facets of life.

Iona provided me with many had many hands-on learning opportunities. I collaborated on projects with my amazing peers; served as an organic chemistry laboratory assistant teacher; became a teacher-intern at Fox Lane Middle School; and experienced being a student-teacher at Eastchester High School. All things considered, I was able to build a strong foundation in the principles of chemistry, which helps me to actively share the practical, real-world applications of chemical science in my own classroom. Iona enabled me to utilize the tools and gain the skills necessary become the most effective educator that I can possibly be.

Here I am years later, returning to Iona College to share the same comprehensive campus experience with a class of my very own college-bound, high school chemistry students. I teach at the Mount Vernon STEAM Academy (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics), and we bring a cohort of students to colleges to tour campuses. I always accompany the Iona College tour group as a chaperone.

I am also very fortunate to be able to carry a piece of Iona with me into my career as I teach alongside of two of my former Iona College colleagues. I am so grateful that my Iona experience has followed me into my profession and continues to be a part of my life every day. I will always remember where I came from no matter where the future takes me, and I have Iona College to thank for that.

Any advice to prospective students:
To the prospective students considering Iona College, look no further. There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish. Find your passion and let your love for learning take you the rest of the way.