Isaque DeSouza Oliveira ’22 Was Set Up for Success at Internships: "I’ve Applied What I've Learned in the Classroom into the Work I do on a Daily Basis"

Name: Isaque DeSouza Oliveira ’22
Hometown: New Rochelle, N.Y.
High School: New Rochelle High School
Activities: Working Out, Playing the Drums/Writing Music and Playing Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball)
Major: Marketing
Favorite Spot Campus: The LaPenta School of Business Terrace

Why did you decide to attend Iona?
I decided to attend Iona because of how close it was to home and because of the reputation that the business school carries. I felt as if going to Iona would be a seamless transition into college while allowing me to stay close to most of my friends and family.

Did you have an internship?
I spent the last eight months at CSM Sport & Entertainment as a partner development and solutions intern and have recently started a marketing internship on the brands and properties team at Wasserman agency.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?
One of my favorite aspects about both of my internship experiences is the fact that we get to have a hands-on experience. In both company cultures, I was blessed to not simply be viewed as an "intern," but as an important team member who plays an important role. I’ve applied what I'm learning in the classroom into the work I do on a daily basis. My internships have given me some clarity on what I want to do with my career post-graduation.

What do you feel is the most distinctive advantage gained from your Iona LaPenta School of Business experience?
The alumni connection within the LaPenta School of Business is a huge advantage and it made me realize that there are thousands of Gaels out there ready and willing to lend a helping hand, whether it be directly through job or internship referrals or resume help or even just being there to give advice and support.

What LaPenta School of Business faculty or staff member has made a positive impact on your future? Why?
Throughout my Iona experience there have been two individuals who have impacted my life tremendously. Professor Steven Jarmon and Professor David Haney. Both have been amazing mentors to me. They were always available for extra help or to offer career advice when I needed it. Professor Jarmon and Professor Haney have gone above and beyond their professor duties and have truly set me up for success. For that I am forever grateful.

Describe your Iona LSB experience so far in six words or less.
A fun and challenging learning environment