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Nathan Lowry ’20

"Conducting research with my mentor, Dr. Colleen Jacobson, was definitely a unique experience that helped prepare for me for my current job."

Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience
Minor: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Studies
Hometown: Southbury, Connecticut
High School: Pomperaug High School, Southbury, Connecticut

Why did you choose Iona?
I chose Iona for the community. Going to a college where I wouldn’t just be a number was important to me, and after touring Iona for the first time I could tell it was the right place for me. Thankfully I was right – I met some of my best friends at Iona and knew my professors, which made Iona feel like a home away from home.

Why did you choose your major?
I enjoy working with others and want to be a therapist, so psychology has always been the obvious choice for me. Psychology is also a really diverse field, so while I initially was focused only on becoming a therapist, I’ve also become interested in mental health research. And with a degree in clinical psychology, I can do both!

Is there a particular area of study in your major that you are most interested in right now?
Currently, I am interested in studying suicide. Unfortunately, suicide rates in the United States have been increasing over the past two decades, and there’s a need for research focused on suicide prevention. Right now, I’m completing a fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health, working in a lab that studies suicide risk screening. It has been exciting to work on such important research, and I’m eager to continue researching suicide in the future.

Did Iona provide you with a unique academic experience, like research, that motivated or inspired you? Describe it.
Yes! I spent of lot of time as an undergraduate conducting research with my mentor, Dr. Colleen Jacobson. I was very lucky to be involved in several projects in her lab and was able to present our findings at conferences around the country. This was definitely a unique experience to have as an undergraduate and it helped prepare for me for my current job at the National Institute of Health.