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Natalie Redcross, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Media & Strategic Communication Department

Coordinator, Public Relations Graduate Program

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Murphy Center, Third Floor, Room 334
(914) 633-2500 (914) 633-2500


  • Ph.D., Howard University
  • MS, Iona College, 1996
  • BA, Iona College, 1991

Dr. Natalie Redcross teaches courses in intermediate-level and advanced-level public relations. She began her career as a reporter, editor, public relations and marketing specialists and, later, a K-8 teacher. Additionally, she has worked in the entertainment and theater arts, education and nonprofit arenas as a PR specialist and consultant. Dr. Redcross and her co-author, Dr. Jim Eggensperger, recently completed their textbook, Data-Driven Public Relations Research.

Data-Driven Public Relations Research is the first book for PR students and practitioners to offer an overview of these new practices as well as a glimpse into the future of these new applications, including "big data" and some of the applications from real-world PR campaigns and strategic planning. It includes contemporary cases involving brand name companies who are blazing new trails in the use of metrics in public relations.
Authors: Jim Eggensperger, Ph.D., and Natalie Redcross, Ph.D. 
Journal of College Teaching and Learning: “The Campus-Wide Presentation: An Experiential Approach to Increasing Student Learning,
Growth and Marketability.” 2014. European Scientific Journal: “Intra-Racial Dynamics of Black Faculty and Black Students: Barriers to Success in the Academy in Predominantly White Institutions.” 2014.
Review of Mass Communication and Journalism: “A Perspective on Teenage
Magazines and their Focus on the Superficial.” 2013. ERIC: “And so it continues…teenage magazines and their focus on the superficial.” 2013.

Black Doctoral Network Conference: Atlanta, GA, October 2016.
“A True Service Learning Collaboration: Undergraduates, Graduates and
a Community Partner Bring Change to a Community” (co presenters: Drs. Nadine Cosby and Tommy Van Cleave). 

Dr. Natalie Redcross began her career as a reporter, editor, nonprofit PR and marketing specialist and, later, a K-8 teacher. She gained most of her nonprofit, entertainment and arts experience in New York and Los Angeles, having worked with Debbi Allen and her dance academy designed to teach dance to all youth, with a focus on underserved children in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Redcross has worked in the theater arts, education and nonprofit arenas as a PR specialist and consultant.