Caring Faculty, Amazing Opportunities Make All the Difference for Destiney Clarke ‘24MA

Student Success

Name: Destiney Clarke
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Degree: MA in Psychology – Industrial-Organizational

Why did you decide to attend Iona?
I decided to attend Iona because I wanted to be close to home while pursuing a degree that not many colleges had. I took one tour of the campus and immediately fell in love.

What do you feel is the most distinctive advantage gained from your Iona experience?
I have had more opportunities and recognition at Iona than my entire four years as an undergraduate at a different college. It has made me a better student and I have formed amazing relationships with other students in the program.

What Iona University faculty or staff members has made a positive impact on your future? Why?
Everyone is amazing; however, I am thankful for Dr. Brandon Ring. He was the one of the first professors I met before fully committing to Iona and after one conversation with him, I knew he cared. He is reason why I have the friends I do now, which I am extremely grateful for. He has also offered me amazing opportunities to partake in research.

Another faculty member I am thankful for is Dr. Brian Cesario. He has taught me not to let things be bigger than me and as a person who struggles with anxiety, it has made a big difference.

I would also like to thank Dr. Patricia Oswald. She has been a great advisor. I did not have the best advisor in undergrad, so having her as my advisor is a breath of fresh air. She has made my transition to graduate school much easier.

What career do you intend to pursue after you complete your master’s degree?
I can see myself in multiple careers, especially Human Resources. However, I have always wanted to work for Bloomberg in New York City. I used to be a part of a non-profit organization that was sponsored by them when I was a teenager. We used to take tours of the building and ever since then, I have always wanted to work there.