Strategic Planning Update 2021

The Board of Trustees endorsed a Five-Year Strategic Plan for Iona College on June 18, 2019. As noted in that document, it was developed in the context of a presidential transition as a flexible framework for the new administration. Since the plan's adoption, the world around us has changed dramatically. The urgencies of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated existing market forces to demand that all colleges reconsider the enterprises of teaching, learning, and administering programs in order to position their institutions and their students for success now and in the future. At the same time, the moral imperatives of social justice are quickening the pace of change. Our institutional effort must leverage the moment to map a pathway that both navigates the public health crisis at hand and provides new capacities to enact our commitment to addressing our deficits of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our strategic thinking is evolving to reflect these imperatives.

Realizing Strategic Goals Through Project-Based Planning

At the direction of President Carey, Iona has embraced the flexibility called for in the June 2019 Strategic Plan through a project-based model that complements the efforts in three spheres of operation: Campus-wide Enhancements, Recruitment and Retention, and Partnerships and Community Engagement. Detailed below are projects underway in each sphere, along with those contemplated for future initiatives.

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