Navigators Program

Hosted by the Iona University Alumni Board, students in the Navigators Program are invited to meet virtually with alumni to make a new professional contact and to network by industry. Alumni are scheduled to be available for one hour, and a student can visit during these "office hours." This flexible program does not require any commitment to a larger program other than what hopefully will be the beginning of a beneficial experience and professional relationship between mentor and mentee.


  • Create a convenient and mutual beneficial avenue for alumni and students to connect.
  • Grow awareness of the alumni community and "Gaels Take Care of Gaels" ethos.
  • Assist students in initiating conversations and building relationships with Iona Alumni to help achieve career aspirations.

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If you have questions about the Gaels Connect platform or other aspects of the mentoring experience at Iona, please reach out to us using the appropriate form below.

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The Gaels Go Further Mentoring Programs tap into Iona’s network of over 50,000 alumni and connect students with peers and professors on campus. Get involved today and experience how Together, Gaels Go Further!

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