Gaels Go Further Mentoring Programs

Together, Gaels Go Further!

Iona University places high value on mentoring and is proud of the fact that our mentoring programs are a cornerstone of the Iona experience. Whether you are looking for career advice, insight into how to maximize your college career, feedback on an entrepreneurial idea, or someone to talk with about your life goals, we are confident you will find the right person to connect with through one of our programs.

See photos and video from our year-end event.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To enable all Gaels to achieve personal and career success through supportive mentoring and networking opportunities.

Our Vision: To help all Gaels realize their full potential both during and after their years of study at Iona.


End-of-Year Event

On April 27, 2022, the Iona University community celebrated the first year of the Gaels Go Further Mentoring Programs. It was an opportunity for mentors, mentees, alumni, and faculty and staff to connect and celebrate the successes of this dynamic initiative.

Mentees at the 2022 year end event.
Chris Connolly with his mentee.
Program admins at the GGF year end event.
Pat and Lucia at the year-end GGF event.
Jim Oates with his mentees.
Mentors at the 2022 year end event.
President Carey at the year-end GGF event.
Cathy and Brian at the Gaels Go Further end of year event.