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Pre-Law Minor

The Pre-Law minor is open to students in any major who may be interested in pursuing a career in law or law-related fields. It consists of 18 credits to be selected from a list of recommended courses under the advisement of the pre-law coordinator. This list includes a number of courses which students in any major may take as part of their electives. The pre-law coordinator will help students tailor a program suited to their individual interests. In addition to the regular classes, all students will be provided with the opportunity to complete credit internships in cooperating law offices, the legal departments of cooperating corporations and governmental bodies such as district attorneys’ offices. Preference will be given to Pre-Law minors if numbers are limited.

Law school preparation is supported by the faculty of several departments in the School of Arts & Science and the School of Business. The Pre-Law minor program is under the direction of the Pre- Law Coordinators within the Political Science Department & the Advisory Committee.


The Pre-Law minor program is designed to develop and enhance those skills required both at law school and in a legal career. It is based on recommendations set down for undergraduate college by the Association of American Law Schools. The AALS suggests that interested students develop basic skills and insights in:

  • Comprehension and expression of words
  • Critical understanding of the human institution and values with which law deals
  • Creative power of thinking

Pre-Law Coordinator

For additional information regarding this program or to declare a minor in Pre-Law, please contact the pre-law coordinator:

Dr. Joshua Leon
(914) 633-2428

Office location: 45 Beechmont Drive, 2nd floor