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Iona College Journal of Allied Health FAQs

  • Do you accept submissions with more than one author/contributor?

    Absolutely! We ask that the authors on your document be presented in descending order of their contributions. Please note that in addition to the original authors, the co-editor(s) and subject editor(s) who reviewed your submission will be added to the list of authors should your document be accepted for publication.
  • Can I work with my professor to revise and edit my document before I formally submit it for review

    Yes! We encourage authors to seek out assistance from their professors to develop a strong academic relationship and increase their chances of publication.
  • What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?

    Upon submission, your document will be stripped of all identifiable information and assigned a unique identifier that will be used to track your submission throughout the review process. This unique identifier will be provided to you at the time of submission and will be required for any status update requests.
  • If my submission is rejected, when can I resubmit it for review?

    You are free to resubmit at any time. However, we expect that any feedback that you received on your initial submission will be sufficiently addressed in your revised submission.
  • Can I submit my paper to external journals to get it published if it has been published in ICJAH?

    While we do not require exclusive publishing rights, external journals may have different requirements for publication. If you are considering publishing your work to an external journal, we strongly recommend that you consult the terms and conditions of their publication guidelines prior to submitting your document to us for review.
  • If I am a student of a discipline outside of the allied health disciplines, can I still submit?

    Unfortunately, due to our lack of a subject matter expert in a field outside of the allied health disciplines, we cannot accept your submission.
  • Will I have the opportunity to present my publication at a conference?

    Yes! We encourage all of our published authors to join us in attending the College’s annual Iona Scholars Day event to present their research.