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The Iona College Journal of Allied Health: Perspectives of Social Justice accepts submissions exclusively from Iona College students and alumni. Submissions will be evaluated based on the quality of the content and the writing style, adherence to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.), and the extent to which the submission focuses on the theoretical and practical underpinnings of social justice.

What to Submit

A typical submission should be no more than 5,000 words (20-pages double spaced), excluding references. Short article, literature reviews, commentary, hypothesis, or perspectives should not exceed 3,000 words. We accept submissions in the following formats:

  • Original Research
  • Literature Reviews
  • Commentaries
  • Meta-Analyses
  • Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Case Studies
  • Scholarly position papers on Clinical Practice or Healthcare Policy
  • Scholarly writing addressing questions of Social, Economic or Environmental justice
  • Practice implications of Social, Healthcare or Educational Policy


Contact for Submissions

Please email your submission to There is no submission cost to authors to publish.

Code of Conduct

The author's conduct must reflect the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Code of Ethics at all times. More information regarding the APA’s Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct can be found at


Plagiarism consists of any act that involves taking credit for the work of another person and may result in severe penalties. However, plagiarism can occur unintentionally, and students must be mindful of this possibility. It is expected that submissions contain original work only and that all sources referenced are cited or quoted directly (as per APA 6th edition requirements). Any instances of plagiarized content will result in an immediate rejection from review and will be reported to the Dean's Office.