Chrissy Mitakakis Martins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Marketing & International Business Department

Chrissy Martins
LaPenta School of Business, 318
(914) 633-2422 (914) 633-2422


  • Ph.D., City University of New York/Baruch

Dr. Martins teaches courses in principles of marketing, marketing management, and consumer behavior. Her consulting experience includes marketing research. Martins’ research interests include consumer behavior, advertising, embodiment, nonconscious processing, gender differences, health communication, eating behavior, persuasion, and conformity. Her publications have appeared in marketing journals such as the International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Business Research.

Rubin, Daniel, Chrissy Martins, Veronika Ilyuk, and Diogo Hildebrand (2020), “Online Shopping Cart Abandonment: A Consumer Mindset Perspective,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37 (5), 487-499.

Apadula, Lauren T., and Chrissy M. Martins (2019), “When Virtue is Not an Option: Decision Making in Unhealthy Food Choices,” Nutrition and Health, 25(3), 209-216.

Hamerman, Eric J., Fredrica Rudell, and Chrissy M. Martins (2018), “Factors That Predict Taking Restaurant Leftovers: Strategies for Reducing Food Waste,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 17(1), 94-104.

Martins, Chrissy M., Lauren G. Block, and Darren W. Dahl (2015), “Can Hand Washing Influence Hedonic Food Consumption?,” Psychology & Marketing, 32(7), 742-750.

Martins, Chrissy M., and Beth Vallen, (2014), “The Impact of Holiday Eating Cues on Self-Regulatory Bolstering for Dieters and Non-Dieters,” Psychology and Health, 29 (9), 999-1013.

Martins, Chrissy M., Lauren Block, and Darren Dahl, (2014), “A Disregard for Calories During Sampling: Exploring the ‘Samples Don't Count’ Effect,” Health, 6 (3), 218-222.

Loubeau, Patricia, and Chrissy M. Martins, (2013), “An Exploratory Study Of Antismoking Warning Labels And The Millennial Consumer,” American Journal of Health Sciences, 4 (4), 169-172.

Valenzuela, Ana, Priya Raghubir, and Chrissy Mitakakis (2013), “Shelf Space Schemas: Myth or Reality?,” Journal of Business Research, 66(7), 881-888.

Carvalho, Sergio, Lauren Block, Subramanian Sivaramakrishnan, Rajesh V.  Manchanda, and Chrissy Mitakakis (2008), “Risk Perception and Risk Avoidance: The Role of Cultural Identity and Personal Relevance,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 25(4), 319-26.

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