Admirers of Illustrated Literature

Anime. Video games. Manga. Comic Books. If these are all things that you have a passion for, then join your peers in the Admirers of Illustrated Literature (AIL) club!

The club works to increase the appreciation and awareness of these genres throughout the campus community through a number of fun and engaging events. If video games are your interest, the club hosts Get Your Game On, a 24-hour game event which raises funds for charities, as well as other tournaments (Super Smash Bros., Dragon Ball FighterZ and more!).

AIL also promotes educational and advocacy events, which, cover topics including gaming etiquette and issues around cosplay and consent.

The club offers a friendly and fun atmosphere, and provides a creative outlet for all interested students!


Samuel Melendez -

Two members of the Admirers of Illustrated Literature club recruit a new member at the involvement fair.