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Chemical Society/Chemistry Club

The American Chemical Society recognizes student affiliate chapters that are effective in showing the true light of chemistry and how it plays a role in our daily lives. They also encourage affiliate chapters to get involved with young students and expose them to fun and interesting chemistry with the hope that students will consider it as their undergraduate major of study. It is the Iona Chemical society's mission to unite science students with the transforming power of chemistry, and bring about a familiarity among members in which junior or senior science majors can act as approachable role models and mentors who demonstrate and advocate success in the sciences.

Meeting Time

Tuesdays from Noon -1 p.m.


Contact the Office of Student Development for more information at


  • Earth Day
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • Co-sponsor several events with Biology Club including Tie-Dye event
  • Chemical Bingo