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Delta Theta Beta Sorority

Members of Delta Theta Beta hold a banner with their logo and 1984 written on it, the year the group was founded.

Delta Theta Beta was founded in November 1984 and has been an important part of Iona’s campus ever since. As an organization, we thrive on our core values of dedication, contribution and individuality. Through social events, philanthropy, community service collaboration and co-sponsorships we build strong bonds not only with each other but also our community and peers. Each sister is unique and brings her own personality, strengths and achievements to our organization. As sisters, we always work together and encourage one another to be the best that we can be personally, academically and also as an organization. We constantly support each other and pride ourselves on the bonds that we have created. We are individually unique but together complete!

4 members sit cross legged on the floor while others stand.

As an organization we choose philanthropies to support that are important and meaningful to our sisters. As a result, we hold a wide variety of events throughout the year each of which support a cause that is close to a sister’s heart. Some of the events that we have hosted and supported in the past are The American Cancer Society, Caitlin Savio Foundation, Alzheimer’s research, Westchester’s Miracle League and Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) awareness and research. The philanthropy that we are most known for around campus is our blood drive. We brought the blood drive to Iona when we were founded in 1984 so it is an important tradition for us to uphold every semester. The blood drive has become so popular that we now hold them twice a semester. In this upcoming year we will also be hosting events such as Strawberries for Strength, Apples for Alzheimer’s, P.S. about M.S. and DTB & the Miracle League. This will be the second year that we hold DTB & the Miracle League which is a whiffle ball tournament that supports Westchester’s Miracle League. Westchester’s Miracle League is a baseball league for special needs adults and children that was founded in 2006. We are excited to hold this event as well as many other events on campus this upcoming year. As an organization, we also hold a wide variety of activity hour events over the course of each semester. Keep an eye out for our flyers around campus and our Facebook invites for more information!


We hold member meetings every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.
Members stand with life sized greek letters, the initials of their sorority.


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Members sit by a lake on a sunny day.