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Edmund Rice Society

The Edmund Rice Society is an organization of student leaders dedicated to mentoring and supporting incoming students during their transition from high school to college. The Edmund Rice Society, working with the Office of Student Success, ensures that Iona's students are well-informed and provided a solid transition into college life by having upperclassmen serve as hosts, guides and mentors. The Edmund Rice Society is the first contact the freshmen make as they come to Iona for a summer orientation.

The Edmund Rice Society also volunteers on Welcome Day Orientation when the entire freshmen class is brought onto campus for a day where they can bond and have fun. The Edmund Rice Society is assigned a group of freshmen for the entire year who they will share information regarding important Iona events, the registration process, financial services, athletics, community service, and student activities. All of their efforts help increase student retention, improve student life through campus sponsored events, and enable freshmen to feel a part of the Iona community.

For more information, please contact Felicia Colangelo


The Edmund Rice Society hosts a wide variety of student life activities and community service oriented events.  Some of the many events we sponsor during the school-year are:
  • Trip to Coney Island
  • Paint it Pink
  • Light the Night Walk
  • Newlywed Game
  • Light it Up Blue
  • Vasculitis Walk
  • Visit to Wartburg Senior Home
…and many more!

Executive Board

  • President: Kelly Dombrowski
  • Vice President: Zahann Nelson
  • Events Coordinator: Jillian Venditti
  • Events Coordinator: Brittany Quirino
  • Community Service Chair: Valerie Tommasone
  • Community Service Chair: Caroline Farella
  • Public Relations: Colleen Ramos
  • Freshmen Outreach Chair: Jazmine Tahiraj
  • Freshmen Outreach Chair: Theresa Iannaccone
  • Secretary/Historian: Ailish McGovern

Edmund Rice Society Members Visit Local Senior Home and Share Their Iona Experiences

"Being a part of the Edmund Rice Society vitalizes my passion for community service. Going to the Wartburg Senior Home was a heartwarming experience for me. I was able to interact with such fantastic individuals and learn about their experiences while creating my own."

-Athena Argyropoulos (Class of 2015)

"Visiting the Wartburg Senior Home was a revitalizing experience. It was filled with a community of people anxious to share their wisdom, experiences, and also learn how the new generation journeys through college."
- Michael Foti (Class of 2014)

Continuing the long tradition of visiting the seniors at the Wartburg Home in Mt. Vernon, on February 9 many of the Edmund Rice Society members participated in a Valentine's Day event. Students brought sugar cookies to decorate, construction paper, markers and decorations to make Valentine's cards. Among the many conversations students had with the seniors, overall whether they were participating in the activities or not, they enjoyed the student's company and loved hearing about their Iona experience. Before we left, Marie, a woman at the home, came up to me and said "You must be so proud of these students. They are so generous, loving and respectful." Honored and overjoyed with the positive experience everyone had, I replied, "Thank you, and of course I am! These are truly students that embody the Iona Mission."

- Felicia Colangelo, Associate Director of Student Success and Moderator