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Gamma Lambda Rho

Gamma Lambda Rho

Gamma Lambda Rho
Mission and Purpose

Gamma Lambda Rho Sorority was founded during the 1972-1973 academic school year, making us the oldest sorority at Iona College. This rich tradition has given us a foundation on which to expand and thrive in the Iona Community. Gamma is a dedicated group of diverse women who form a strong sisterhood. Gamma values involvement on campus and in the community while providing a home away from home for its sisters. Although Gamma is the oldest sorority on campus, we are young with potential and not afraid to make changes or take risks. These unique young women pride themselves on being smart, fun and philanthropic leaders who know they can count on each other. “Friends forever, sisters for life.”


Every Monday at 10 p.m., location TBD. Meetings are closed for active sisters of Gamma Lambda Rho.


Gamma Lambda Rho
Active Members: Mairead Carney, Melissa Farrugia, Fatjona Mexhuani, Kaitlyn Niewiarowicz, Amanda Slutsky, Haley Henri-Munoz, Josephine Nguyen, Jillian Mitchell, Ashley Flanger, Bridget Forbes, Meaghan Smith, Jennifer Horn, Rachel Landock,  Emily Kantner, Francesca Mosomillo, Samantha Carter, Morgan Chrystal, Jeanne Meteles, Mariahelena Ruiz, Shannon McGovern, Victoria Conelli, Alicia Rodriguez, Charlotte Limosani, Alexa Taliercio, Mairead McAdams, Lily Tucci, Samantha Viviano, Katherine McCrory, Britanny Murray, Tatiana Quintero, Tiffany Lin, Caitlin McHugh, Crista LaRock, Julia Pignatelli, Ella Gregorio, Jillian Sanz, Kaitlyn Camperlino, Caroline Hudson, Gabriella Guida, Julia Keenan, Paige Clements, Kristina Pellegrino, Stephanie Sinka, Kristen Clark, Mia Sudano, Morgan Kaja

2017 Alumni: Sabrina Meza, Karina Gonzalez, Jaclyn D’Argenio, Lucille Bootman, Sabrina Iasello, Gabrielle Rossi, Alyssa Orzo, Angelamarie Iccari, Allison Cozzi, Frances Rodriguez, Kerri Fox, Kerri Krippel, Stephanie Nazi, Julia Piemonte, Coty Ryan, Kara Cramsie, Sophia Wells, Darilyn Barone, Juliana Guzman, Alexis Cossifos, Larisa Bruno, Nora Zherka, Brandy Gonzalez, Mary Traub, Michelle Izzaguire

Executive Board

Gamma Lambda Rho
Philanthropies and Events

  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • Alumni Reunion Events
  • Annual Mother Daughter Brunch
  • Autism Speaks
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Breast Cancer Awareness events
  • Cupcakes in the Courtyard
  • Gigi’s Playhouse
  • Hospitality Dinners
  • IonaTHON
  • The Kind Campaign
  • Light It Up Blue
  • Light the Night Walk
  • Multiple Sclerosis Walk
  • Quinn for the Win events
  • Relay for Life
  • Senior Dinner
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Success Center Tutoring
  • Take Back the Night

Gamma Lambda Rho

Awards and Recognition

  • The Council of Greek Governance Award 2017 – Brotherhood and Sisterhood Award
  • The Council of Greek Governance Award 2016 – Community Engagement Award
  • G.A.E.L. Awards 2015 – Commitment to Service
  • G.A.E.L. Awards 2015 – Academic Excellence
  • The Council of Greek Governance 2014-2015 – Organization of the Year