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Gael Pride

Queer Straight Alliance is a student-run organization with a mission of promoting LGBTQ+ pride on the Iona College campus. Love and equality is for every single one of us, and Queer Straight Alliance strives to make this statement visible throughout the entire Iona community. Any student or faculty member at Iona College is encouraged to be a part of this organization, regardless of their sexual orientation. Queer Straight Alliance is a place for everyone, that is committed to inform the Iona community that we are an accepting and caring campus.

Past Events

No H8 Photo shoot: An ongoing national campaign photo shoot designed to promote marriage, gender and human equality which takes place on the Iona campus to help promote the message within our community.

Post-It Positive: A small event designed to promote positivity on behalf of Gael Pride. Students write a positive word or message on a post-it and place it on a banner that’s then displayed in the dining room for all to see.


For more information, contact Bradley Wheaton, club president, at