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Environmental Co-curricular Opportunities

Co-curricular opportunities take place outside the regular classroom.  These activities, programs, and learning experiences complement and enhance the academic curriculum. 

  1. Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue: The Berry Forum is an open and inclusive space for ecological education, exploration, and transformation.
  2. IC Green Environmental Club: IC Green is a student organization that strives to educate and increase awareness about environmental issues in Iona’s community and world-wide.
  3. Service-Learning Students are getting hands-on experience in courses across our curriculum. Three students walk on a trail in the forest. One faces the camera and smiles.
    • Environmental Science (BIO 125): Students from Dr. Christina Andruk’s Environmental Science classes are working with Sheldrake Environmental Center to monitor and document their biodiversity and water quality.
    • The Role of Business in Contemporary American Society (BUS 410): Dr. Bret Sanner’s students worked with the Sheldrake Environmental Center to understand who the Center should market to and how, pilot a marketing process for increasing community awareness and engagement, and develop a process and plan to continue to increase outreach after the project is complete.
    • Sustainability and Community (SOW 2200): Dr. Meryl Nadel and her students in SOW 2200 Sustainability and Community are working with Lincoln Park Community Garden to grow healthy food and lessen the carbon footprint of our community.
    • Ecology (BIO 314): Students from Dr. Andruk’s Ecology classes are working with Marshlands Conservancy in Rye to monitor the ecosystem response to a recent wildfire.
  4. Mission & Ministry Volunteer Projects: The Office of Mission & Ministry hosts regular volunteer opportunities to make our local community a greener place. Past trips have involved invasive species removal, trash pick-up at local parks such as Sheldrake and the Bronx River Parkway Reservation, and volunteering in community gardens.
  5. Trash to Treasure: Dr. Zeynep Altinay and Dr. Andruk received a Hynes Faculty Fellowship to fund a student-entrepreneur project to reduce campus waste. See more at Dr. Zeynep Altinay and Dr. Andruk pose with students in front of a sign that reads 'Save the Planet'.
  6. Garden: The Environmental Sustainability group at Iona is constructing a garden to grow healthy, local sustainable food.
  7. Iona College is a charter member of the Environmental Consortium of Colleges & Universities, which sponsors conferences, scholarships, and networking opportunities for faculty, administrators, staff and students from throughout the Hudson-Mohawk River watershed region. All members of the Iona community are welcome to join the Consortium as individual members.