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College Assistance Program - General Information

The College Assistance Program is committed to:

  • Developing academic independence
  • Fostering personal growth
  • Encouraging community participation
The College Assistance Program (CAP) of Iona College is an optional, fee-based program that offers comprehensive support and services for students with learning disabilities, AD/HD, traumatic brain injuries or are on the autism spectrum. CAP is a comprehensive, skills-based support program that operates in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended by the ADA Amendment Acts (ADAAA). In addition to encouraging success by providing instruction tailored to individual strengths and needs, the program emphasizes broadly applicable strategies that cross academic disciplines.

The team of professional learning specialists who work with CAP students is devoted to the support and guidance of each student. They train students to incorporate appropriate skills-based strategies which cross the disciplines. The goal is for students to gradually practice these skills until they are able to master them independently. With success comes self-confidence and a greater ability to plan and achieve academic, personal and career goals. Additionally, the CAP counselor assists students with academic coaching, stress management, and career and internship planning.

The professional staff encourages CAP students to become actively involved members of the college community by joining student government or by participating in the many other campus clubs and organizations. Students take the standard full-time course requirements for baccalaureate degree programs to ensure the level of quality education expected of all degree candidates.

The Office is located in Room 204 of Amend Hall.