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Support and Services

CAP is a skills-based comprehensive support program that encourages success by providing instruction tailored to the individual’s strengths and needs. The program emphasizes broadly applicable strategies that cross academic disciplines.

Professional Skills-Based Tutoring

Students engage in two scheduled hours per week of skills-based tutoring with a professional learning specialist. Each tutoring session between the learning specialist and the student incorporates appropriate skills-based strategies that cross academic disciplines. The goal is for students to gradually practice these strategies until they are able to perform them independently. Skills that are focused on often include:

  • self-advocacy
  • academic coaching
  • writing and editing
  • note-taking
  • test preparation and test taking
  • reading comprehension
  • time management
  • organization

All professional learning specialists hold advanced degrees and are devoted to the support and guidance of our students.

Secondary Advisement and Priority Registration

Students who are enrolled in CAP receive access to priority registration which allows them to register earlier than their peers and receive assistance with course selection and registration. Each CAP student still receives advisement from the Center for Advising and Academic Services or the advisor for their major. When advisement has been completed, the CAP director and assistant director work with each student one-on-one as secondary advisors to assist them in creating a personalized schedule that blends the student’s interests and abilities with Iona’s Core Curriculum. Consideration is also given to matching the student's learning strengths with a professor's teaching style. Ideally, this process results in a manageable schedule that balances demanding coursework in weak skill areas with courses that utilize the student's strengths.


The CAP counselor offers academic, personal and career support to all CAP students. Our counselor is available to help students cope with a variety of challenges associated with transitioning to college including, but not limited, homesickness, communal living, and career planning. While all students who enroll in CAP are required to meet with the counselor at least three times during their first semester continuing students are encouraged to meet with the counselor on a regular basis until they are able to manage these challenges on their own.


CAP students are provided reasonable accommodations under the law for qualified individuals with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are determined based on the documentation submitted by the student with their CAP application. If you are in the process of receiving new documentation, please reference for a detailed overview on accommodations. The documentation should provide enough information to decide what appropriate academic adjustments are needed in order to create access for your course. Determining appropriate accommodations is an interactive process between the student and the CAP counselor and may vary depending on the construct of the course.

For Parents

At the postsecondary level, a parent's role shifts to a subtle hand of guidance when it comes to involvement in their student's education. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to encourage their college student to take personal responsibility for academic success. It's important that both the parent(s) and student are well informed about the student's disability and acknowledge the limitations that stem from it. This will allow the student to identify areas in which accommodations are necessary and make it easier for the student to seek assistance.