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Film (Minor)

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Why Film?

A minor in film allows you to major in another area while still pursuing your interest in film and expanding your knowledge in styles, trends and forms of film.

Why Study Film at Iona?

Our program allows you to pursue an interest in film while majoring in a different focused area.

You will gain a broad overview of film culture, with emphasis upon important historical and critical trends from passionate faculty who share your enthusiasm for film. You'll develop critical skills that can be applied to any career path.

What You'll Learn

You will explore the history of film, its major filmmakers, movements and genres. Through exciting analysis, you will gain an understanding of the impact film that has on our cultures. You will learn how to hone your writing skills to create scripts and take your creative ideas to the next level.

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Unique Elements of Program

  • Courses can be taken as electives in any major or toward the full minor

Careers & Outcomes

With an understanding of how to harness the power of film, turn your creative visions into a reality by playing a role in the creation of films for your own business or elsewhere! 

Job Titles

  • Film Sales Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Producer
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor