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Milestone 1:

1-minute Video Pitch (3/11 @ 11:59 PM)

  1. Submit a 1-minute video of your idea on your project page. The video should address the following components:
    • What issue or problem are you trying to solve, and why?
    • How are you going to solve it with your idea?
    • How is it going to create impact for your customers/beneficiaries?
    • Who is on your team and who are you working/partnering with (if applicable)?
  2. Be creative with your video. You can record yourself delivering your pitch, you can narrate a slide deck (PowerPoint), you can create an animation (there are many tools available online), you can draw out and narrate your idea as a story on a whiteboard, or anything else that will allow you to stand out. Be creative and have fun with the process!
  3. Once you created the video, upload it to as an “unlisted” video (unlisted videos are not searchable and can only be viewed with a unique link), and post the video using your unique link to your project page.
  4. Resources and useful events:
    • 2/16 @ 1-2 PM: Ideation and Value Proposition Workshop
    • 2/20 @ noon-1 PM: Intellectual Property Workshop
    • 2/20 @ 4-6 PM: Storytelling Workshop
    • How to create an unlisted video on YouTube: