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Milestone 3:

10-slide Pitch Deck: 4/5 | 11:59 P.M.

  • The pitch deck is an extension of your executive summary and your visual support to grab your judges (or investors) attention. You need to tell your story, first and foremost. The focus should be on translating your idea into a (business) opportunity, and not on how to fill out a slide template. Again, this is your opportunity to learn how to tell your story with passion and data.

    The following 10-slide structure will help you accomplish that:

    • Title Slide including a one-sentence core statement
    • Problem/Opportunity and some data/statistics justifying the opportunity
    • Value Proposition and why your idea/product/service is differentiated
    • Description of Product/Service including how it works, logistics and/or approach
    • Business Model to explain how you are going to make money (including if it is B2C or B2B)
    • Go-to-Market Plan including simple strategies and a timeline
    • Competitive Analysis including a competitive chart of where the company stands
    • Team including all core members and support partners etc.
    • Financial Projections and Key Metrics including key milestones for development and launch
    • Use of Funds upon award
  • Resources and useful events: