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Film Minor


15 credits (5 courses)

The Film Studies Program offers courses designed to provide a broad overview of film culture, with emphasis upon important historical and critical trends, film form and style. Students develop critical skills through careful analysis of individual films, major movements, genres, and national cinemas.

Film courses are open to all students. They may be taken either as electives, or for credit toward a Minor in Film Studies. The Minor requires completion of any five approved film courses (15 credits total).


Program Director: D. DeFino
Professor Emeritus: S. Solomon

Courses Include:

FLM 350: Film
FLM 351: Film History
FLM 353: Film Criticism
FLM 354: Contemporary Cinema
FLM 355: Independent Cinema
FLM 360: Major Filmmakers
FLM 362: International Film
FLM 364: Film Genres
FLM 369: Special Themes and Topics in Film Studies
FLM 450: Scriptwriting

Mission Statement

The study of film offers unique critical perspectives for our media-rich times, and the Film Studies Program gives students an opportunity to investigate these perspectives, while developing their critical skills through the analysis of individual films and filmmakers, film history and technology, major movements and genres, and key elements of film form and style.

(Created, January 2013)