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Move the world toward a more sustainable future

What can you do to protect the world’s natural resources? Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint? How will climate change affect your future? What role do our values play in setting environmental policy? If you’re passionate about questions like these, look into Iona’s Environmental Studies program. We will prepare you to tackle the most critical issues of our time by developing an integrated and comprehensive understanding of the “Living Earth.”

As a student in the Environmental Studies program, you’ll participate in local and international fieldwork, environmental justice, political advocacy, campus and community-wide discussions and valuable internships. You’ll learn to use the tools required to evaluate humankind’s impact on the environment, to assess and plan for its care and protection, and to move the world forward to a more sustainable future.

Interdisciplinary by nature

The Environmental Studies major is supported by three primary departments, offering these concentrations:
  • Biology – with an emphasis on ecological and environmental literacy
  • Political Science – Understand the process of politics and policymaking and their effects on competing multiple interests
  • Religious Studies – explore how your own faith and religions around the world can impact sustainability efforts and equal access to resources
Opportunities also exist for additional and related study in a variety of departments, including Biochemistry, Chemistry, Economics, History, Philosophy and Sociology, among others.

The Thomas Berry Forum for Ecological Dialogue

Founded by Iona faculty members, the forum honors the late geologist Fr. Thomas Berry, who envisioned that colleges and universities could play a critical role in educating others on the interconnectedness of all life. The forum brings together educators, activists and environmental experts to continue Fr. Berry’s legacy of work in ecological awareness and progress towards a more sustainable world for all living creatures.

The greening of Iona College – join the club

Iona College’s Green Club (IC Green) is a student organization that includes students, faculty and staff who work together to improve sustainability on campus and in the community. Initiatives focus on recycling, reducing energy consumption, education, environmental clean-ups, and plantings. Iona is one of 49 institutions that are part of the Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges & Universities.

Careers with environmental impact

Those who understand the scientific, political, economic, social, cultural and ethical variables that contribute to environmental problems are in a position to make a positive impact in many different ways, as advocates, educators, policymakers and sustainability experts. Careers in the field of Environmental Studies include:

  • Compliance Officers
  • Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager
  • Environmental Science and Protection Technicians
  • Environmental Science Teachers (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)
  • Management, Scientific and Consulting Services
  • Manager of Sustainability (all levels, corporate)
  • Social Advocacy Organizations / non-profit
  • Sustainability Audit Coordinator (federal, state and local level)
  • Sustainability Coordinator (municipalities and states, school districts)
  • Sustainability Manager (corporate, municipalities)
  • Sustainability Planner (university/college, corporate, municipalities, state)
  • Sustainability Supervisor (corporate)

Student Success: Jamal Jackson '16

Jamal Jackson

At Iona, Jamal was able to pursue his passion for environmental advocacy and justice.

“Iona will give you everything you need to become the person you want to be.”

Read more about how Iona helped Jamal is succeed.