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Why Biology?

Biology is the study of life, from the smallest molecules required for cellular life to entire ecosystems and communities. A Bachelor of Science in Biology degree opens doors to careers in health care, veterinary science, education, research, environmental science and many other fascinating specialties.

Why Study Biology at Iona?

At Iona College, a Bachelor’s degree in Biology connects you to an expansive variety of careers in the biological sciences. Our faculty inspires you to think like a scientist–critically, analytically and ethically. Your coursework examines the latest concepts of biology in a student-centered environment that pushes you to explore, ask questions and share ideas.

Our Biology major offers four areas of concentration connected to specific career paths in the biological sciences:

Throughout the Biology major, your educational experience will extend beyond the classroom, with valuable opportunities, including:

  • working in the laboratory alongside dedicated faculty and learning modern and relevant techniques for research projects
  • attending conferences
  • publishing in academic journals
  • connecting with the wider biology field through internships, volunteering and service-learning classes

There is also a Biology minor available and a five-year dual degree BS in Biology/MST in Education

What You'll Learn

Our Bachelor’s degree illuminates the foundations of biology and pushes you to pursue concepts and ideas that will take you to the next level as a student and biologist. You will learn to appreciate the role of science in today’s world.

More specifically, your coursework builds skills critical for careers in the biological sciences such as research, collecting and analyzing data, communicating complex ideas, collaborating and presenting findings.


Program Overview with Biology Major Danielle

Combining a love of sports with medicine.

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Biology Program Highlights

Flexible Program

Our flexible Biology major allows you to customize your degree with a concentration:

  • Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre-Physician Assistant: Prepares you for physical therapy and physician assistant graduate programs.
  • Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental: Designed for students who wish to go on to medical, dental and other professional schools.
  • Ecology and Environmental Biology: Designed for students who wish to enter graduate programs in ecology, environmental sciences and related subjects and/or enter the sustainability industry
  • General Biology: Provides the most flexibility in terms of the career options. Students who choose this broad concentration have pursued careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, education, research and business; in other words, everything!

Early Acceptance Programs

Iona College has early acceptance articulation agreements where Biology graduates can be accepted as high school seniors or college freshman, if they meet certain qualifications, and automatically reserve a seat in medical school. Iona has agreements with the following professional programs:

  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • New York College of Podiatric Medicine
  • New York College of Chiropractic Medicine
  • University of St. Joseph School of Pharmacy

Early Acceptance Programs

Melissa Rowan

Iona's biology faculty welcome students who want to be involved in research, which led me to perform laboratory research with Dr. Zuckerman. By being in the lab outside of class time, I was allowed to further expand my knowledge on lab techniques.

Melissa Rowan '20

Careers & Outcomes

Our Biology majors leave the program ready to excel in graduate programs or in a wide range of career opportunities in the biological sciences. Over 60% of Iona Biology graduates take the next step in graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy and others.

Our Alumni Have Attended:

  • Weill-Cornell School of Medicine
  • New York Medical College
  • Chicago Medical School
  • SUNY Stony Brook
  • Yale University
  • Howard University (DDS)
  • New York University (DDS)
  • Tufts University (DDS)


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Learn More About Iona’s Biology major

At Iona College, our Bachelor of Science in Biology degree expands your horizons as a scientist and researcher. Concentrations related to health professions, environmental biology and education offer you the comprehensive career preparation you need to launch your career or pursue advanced graduate studies.

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