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Major in Environmental Studies with a focus on Religious Study

Overview of Degree Requirements

The BA degree is composed of 120 credits for all of the three concentration areas. The four degree categories below account for the College Liberal Arts core, Pre/Co-requisites where appropriate, Major core for the concentration, Major concentration area requirements, and open electives. As necessary and appropriate, accommodation will be made for students with transfer credit or related course experience for exceptions to the program information detailed below.

College Liberal Arts Core
All students who choose to major in Environmental Studies must complete the following liberal arts core courses:
Course Number Course Name Credits
RST 213 Religion and the Natural World 3
POL 201/203 Introduction to American Government
Introduction to Global Politics
BIO 125/225 Environmental Science I
Environmental Science II
MTH 134 or MTH 231 Brief Calculus OR Calculus 3 - 4

Major Core
Course Number Course Name Credits
POL 368 Environmental Politics 3
RST 341 The Story of the Universe:
Foundational Cosmology and Earth History
ENV 452 Environmental Colloquium 1
ENV 495 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Studies 3

Religious Studies Concentration Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credits
RST 339 Spirituality for an Ecological Era 3
RST 404 Catholic Creation Theology 3
RST 412 Environmental Ethics and Religion 3
POL 302 Social Statistics 3
Two electives from the following (or any Political Science or Ecological/Environmental Concentration area course, or any approved elective as advised):
RST 340 Creation Masters Series 3
RST 370 Contemporary Peacemakers 3
RST 400 Internship in Religious Studies 3
ENV 300 Special Topics in Environmental Studies 3

Open Electives
All three concentration areas allow for a volume of open elective credits with which to further a student's interest in additional subject matter or pursuit of additional major or minor interests. The available number of open elective credit for this program is 27 to 33 credits.