Application & Planning

Application to the Department

You apply to the Education Department in your sophomore year must:

  • Have at least 30 college credits, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Have a 'C' or higher in English Composition and a College math course.
  • Have acceptable writing skills as demonstrated in an autobiography and an on-demand writing task.
  • Have acceptable interpersonal communication skills as demonstrated through an interview process with the Education Department.
  • Have acceptable recommendations from Iona College faculty

Planning Your Freshman Year

In your freshman year, you should be taking Core Curriculum classes and enroll in EDU 201 in the spring semester. All students (even Childhood Education) will need at least 30 credits of upper level content area courses from the following: Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Spanish. You should consult these departments for the best way to sequence these courses.

In order to fulfill state requirements, all students will need computer science, two semesters of mathematics, and two semesters of lab science as part of the College Core or as liberal arts co-requisites.

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Malissa A. Scheuring Leipold, Ed.D.

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