Application & Planning

Requirements for Admission to Major

  • Completed Application to Major in Education
  • Minimum of 30 college credits with a minimum CUM GPA of 3.0.
  • Minimum of 'C' or higher in English Composition and a College Math course.
  • Demonstration of acceptable writing skills as demonstrated in an educational autobiography (typically completed in EDU 202).
  • Demonstration of acceptable communication skills as demonstrated through an advising session with a department faculty member.

Planning for Prospective Education Majors

  • Complete Core Curriculum courses during first 3 semesters, EDU 201 in freshman year Spring semester and EDU 202 during sophomore year Fall semester.
  • All Education majors (including Childhood Education) will need at least 30 credits of coursework from one of the following content areas: Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, or Spanish. Active and prospective majors should consult these departments for the best way to sequence these courses.
  • To fulfill New York State Education Department requirements, all Education majors will need computer science, two semesters of mathematics, and two semesters of lab science as part of the College Core or as liberal arts co-requisites.
  • Set up a TEACH account here, saving username and password. As the candidate’s TEACH account will be used to host all required documents to apply for initial teacher certification upon completion of the program, it is important that their account is continually maintained and updated.

Application to and Continuation in the Major

The Application to Major in Education is typically submitted during the student’s sophomore year fall semester. Submission of this application initiates the process of advisement with an Education Department faculty member and evaluation for admission to the department. Transfer students and late entrants should schedule an appointment with the Education Department Chair to review program completion options.

A required course for continuation in the major will be EDU 250, a field experience course entailing participation in a series of classroom observations in elementary, middle and/or high school settings. This course is typically completed in sophomore year Spring semester.

In preparation for this field experience, aspiring teacher candidates should create a TEACH account if not previously created and arrange to have their fingerprints documented to the account by visiting Identogo or calling MorphoTrust/IDEMIA at: 877-472-6915 to schedule and manage an appointment. Information provided to MorphoTrust/IDEMIA during the fingerprint application process is electronically transmitted to the TEACH system maintained by NYSED. Candidates should then complete the following steps to submit verification to the department that their fingerprints have been documented in their TEACH account:

Visit, click “Sign In” and when prompted enter the username and password used to set up your TEACH account.

Once logged into the site, navigate to “TEACH Online” and on the next page, select “Account Information.”

Under the “Select information you want to view” menu, choose “Fingerprinting” and then “Submit.” If your fingerprint results have been sent your account will indicate “FBI and DCJS results have been received.”

Save an image capture of this screen indicating indicating FBI and DCJS results have been received and submit here. Evidence of TEACH fingerprints is required to enroll in EDU 250 and to continue within the program.

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