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A bi-annual publication, The Shakespeare Newsletter includes brief book and theater reviews, peer-reviewed critical essays, and interviews to highlight recent trends in scholarship, education and the performing arts.

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Editorial Members

Thomas J. Moretti

John Mahon (Co-Editor, 1991-2014)

Laura Kolb (Baruch College)
Michael Jensen
Grace Tiffany (Western Michigan University)

Keith Botelho (Kennesaw State University)
Brooke Conti (Cleveland State University)
Adhaar Desai (Bard College)
Katherine Gillen (Texas A&M University-San Antonio)
David Goldstein (York University, CA)
Jay Halio (University of Delaware, Emeritus)
Rachel E. Holmes, (University College London)
Jeffrey Kahan (University of La Verne)
James Marino (Cleveland State University)
Thomas Olsen (SUNY New Paltz)
Meg Pearson (U. of West Georgia)
Curtis Perry (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Aaron Pratt (Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin)
Amy Rodgers (Mt. Holyoke College)


The Shakespeare Newsletter was founded in 1951 by Professor Louis Marder, who had developed the publication into a widely-read Shakespearean resource by the time he retired as Professor of English at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle.

In 1991, it transferred to Iona University, where Professor John Mahon and the late Professor Thomas Pendleton worked as co-editors to expand the publication to include theater reviews, interviews, scholarly articles, poetry, illustrations, and book reviews. Thomas J. Moretti serves as editor of the publication, with Professor Mahon advising and contributing as senior editor. Grace Tiffany provides regular contributions in her “Review of Periodicals,” Laura Kolb regularly offers performance reviews and Michael Jensen interviews leading scholars, performers, and directors for his “Talking Books” segment.

The Shakespeare Newsletter is indexed in the MLA Bibliography.


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