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Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities — an interdisciplinary methodology, set of tools, practices, and literacies, and a community bridging technological and humanities research — is challenging to define. At the ITPS and Iona College, we take a broad and inclusive approach to DH, inspired by the multi-disciplinary and collaborative nature of the field, and our curriculum encourages students to incorporate DH to a wide range of their academic and professional goals. From projects including data visualization and mapping, digital curation and information management, and textual analysis, DH is both foundational and supportive to a wide range of majors and professional tracts, including History, English, Political, Science, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Computer Science, Data Science, Biology, Communication, Media, Public Health, Business, Marketing, and multiple forms of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking, to only name a few. Digital Humanities also informs many of our scholarly and public-facing research projects and publications, some of which are listed below.

The Authorship Attribution Project

Recent Digital Humanities Publications

Move the World