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Recent Publications

The ITPS community has published a wide range of scholarly and popular historical works. Recent publications include:

  • The Legacy of Thomas Paine in the Transatlantic World, featuring an essay by Gary Berton.
  • New Directions in Thomas Paine Studies, eds., Dr. Scott Cleary and Dr. Ivy Stabell.
  • L.Ivanov, A.Aebig, S.Meerman, “Lexical Stress-Based Authorship Attribution with Accurate Pronunciation Patterns Selection”, submitted to Text, Speech, and Dialog (TSD’18) conference, Brno, Czech Republic, 9/18
  • S.Petrovic, G.Berton, S.Campbell, L.Ivanov, “Attribution of 18th Century Political Writings Using Machine Learning”, Journal of Technologies in Society, v.11, issue 3, pp.1-13, 10/15
  • L.Ivanov, S.Petrovic, “Using Lexical Stress in Authorship Attribution of Historical Texts”, Chapter, Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Text, Speech, and Dialogue, v.9302, pp.105-113, 9/15
  • L.Ivanov, "Collaborative Software Development: The Thomas Paine Encyclopedia", Proceedings of FECS'14, (ISBN #:  1-60132-271-2, pages 394-398), Las Vegas, NV, 7/21-24/2014
  • S.Petrovic, G.Berton, R.Schiaffino, L.Ivanov, "Authorship Attribution of Thomas Paine Works", Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Mining DMIN'14 (ISBN #:  1-60132-267-4, pages 182-188), 7/12-24/2014

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