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Placement and Education of Graduates

Iona College Post-Graduation Employment & Education of Bachelor’s Degree Recipients, 2019-20 Academic Year

Survey Methodology: Each year, Iona College conducts a 6-month follow-up survey of its undergraduate degree completers to assess job placement & graduate school outcomes. Respondents completed their surveys via online invitations and over the phone when called by Iona College staff. Given the current response rate for 2019-20, we expect results accurate at a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of plus or minus 5%.

Survey Respondents 2019-20
Category Number of Respondents
Total Graduates 652
Valid Contact Information 652
Completed Survey 274
Response Rate (Total Grads) 42.0%
Response Rate (Valid Contacts) 42.0%

*Unless otherwise noted, all survey items had a total number of 274 (n = 274) respondents. 

General Graduate Outcomes
Post-Graduation Employment Category Percentage of Respondents
Employed or Enrolled in a Program of Continuing Education* 82.9%
Employed full-time (average of 30 hours or more per week) 41.6%
Enrolled in program of continuing education 29.2%
Employed part-time (average less than 30 hours per week) 11.0%
Seeking employment 13.5%
Planning to continue education but not yet enrolled 1.8%
Participating in a volunteer or service program (e.g. Peace Corps) 0.7%
Military service 0.4%
Not seeking employment or continuing education at this time 1.8%

*Note: ‘Employed or Enrolled in a Program of Continuing Education’ includes full-time/part-time employed, enrolled in a program of continuing education, participating in a volunteer service program, and military service.

For Employed Iona Graduates, When Did They Begin Their Job Search?
Time-Frame of Job Search Percentage of Respondents
6 or more months prior to graduation 15.5%
3-5 months prior to graduation 12.2%
1-2 months prior to graduation 9.8%
After graduation 31.7%
At or near graduation 8.1%
I have kept the occupation I held prior to graduation or have been promoted 22.8%

Total Respondents to this item = 123 (n = 123) ;

What Kind of Salaries Do Iona’s Graduates Make?

Full-Time Employed Respondents
Median Salary $45,000

Total number of full-time respondents sharing salary information: 68 (n = 68)

Full- and Part-time Employed Respondents
All Salary Respondents, by Salary Band Percentage of Respondents
$50,000 or more 42.6%
$45,000-$49,999 10.3%
$40,000-$44,999 20.6%
$35,000-$39,999 20.6%
$30,000-$34,999 4.4%
$25,000-$29,999 0%
$20,000-$24,999 1.5%
Under $20,000 0%

Total number of respondents sharing salary information (both full- and part-time): 68 (n = 68)

Participation in Internship, Service Learning & Other Out of the Classroom Educational Opportunities

Participated in Internships, Service Learning or Other
Percentage of Total Respondents 72.0%

Total number of respondents to this question item: 243 (n = 243)

Opportunity Types
Opportunity Type Percentage of Total Respondents
Internships 59.3%
Service learning or other academic volunteering 13.2%
Study abroad/away 9.9%
Clinical experiences 6.6%
Field experiences/Practicums 7.8%
Student teaching 5.3%

Total number of respondents to this question item: 243 (n = 243)

How Many Internships Did You Complete?
Number of Internships Percentage of Respondents
1 53.6%
2 32.9%
3 8.6%
4 5.0%

Total number of respondents to this question item: 140 (n = 140)