Placement and Education of Graduates

Iona University Post-Graduation Employment & Education of Bachelor’s Degree Recipients 2022-23 Academic Year

Survey Methodology: Each year, Iona University conducts a 6-month follow-up survey of its undergraduate degree completers to assess job placement and graduate school outcomes. Respondents completed surveys via online invitations and over the phone when called by Iona University staff. 

Survey Respondents
CategoryNumber of Respondents
Total Graduates568
Valid Contact Information568
Completed Survey230
Response Rate (Total Grads)40.5%
Response Rate (Valid Contacts)40.5%

*Unless otherwise noted, all survey items had a total number of 230 (n = 230) respondents.

General Graduate Outcomes
Post-Graduation Employment CategoryPercentage of Respondents
Employed or Enrolled in a Program of Continuing Education*84.8%
Employed full-time (average of 30 hours or more per week)51.7%
Enrolled in program of continuing education21.3%
Employed part-time (average less than 30 hours per week)11.7%
Seeking employment13.0%
Planning to continue education but not yet enrolled.7%
Participating in a volunteer or service program (e.g. Peace Corps)0%
Military service0%
Not seeking employment or continuing education at this time0.4%

*Note: ‘Employed or Enrolled in a Program of Continuing Education’ includes full-time/part-time employed, enrolled in a program of continuing education, participating in a volunteer service program, and military service

For Employed Iona Graduates, When Did They Begin Their Job Search?
Time-Frame of Job SearchPercentage of Respondents
6 or more months prior to graduation11.5%
3-5 months prior to graduation14.6%
1-2 months prior to graduation11.5%
At or near graduation10.0%
After graduation44.6%
I have kept the occupation I held prior to graduation or have been promoted7.7%

Total Respondents to this item = 130 (n = 130)

Salaries Earned by Iona Graduates

Full-Time Employed Respondents
Median Salary$65,000

Total number of full-time respondents sharing salary information: 67 (n = 67)

All Salary Respondents, by Salary BandPercentage of Respondents
$80,000 or more28.4%
Under $40,0003.0%

Total number of full-time employed respondents sharing salary information: 67 (n = 67)

Programs for Graduates Enrolled in Program of Continuing Education
Opportunity TypePercentage of Respondents
Health Sciences14.3%
Social Work10.2%
Computer Science4.1%
Other or Unspecified26.5%

Total number of respondents to this question item: 49 (n = 49)